In order to decorate your project we need to know some things:

Have you got a digital file of your logo already?
If so, you can send us in vector format like Adobe Illustrator (AI), EPS, SVG
or high-resolution bitmap format (JPG/PNG).

Have you got only a paper support containing your logo?
(e.g. business card, letterhead etc...)
Send us the scan in a high-resolution PDF or JPG format.

Haven't you got any logo, but you have some ideas or inspirations?
Send us all the information you can (files, photos, links, or even just something written by yourself),
we will create the most appropriate solutions to what you need.
You can send multiple files simultaneously with a ZIP archive.

When and where shall I upload the files?
You can send them directly in the product page, between the buying choices/options.
If you need to change your file, call us immediately at +39 0733 801081 
to verify the processing status of your sign, then we will give you instructions to send the new file.